Jackson Hole is a beautiful destination for celebrating just about any event. People from all over the world choose our valley as the backdrop for their weddings, family reunions, company retreats, retirement parties, birthday celebrations, and more. With so much beauty surrounding the area, why dine indoors? When it comes to reserving a table for that special dinner, or even lunch, Mad River has the ideal venue. Think exhilarating whitewater ra… Read More

What are you doing on the 21 st of August?

Coming to Jackson Hole maybe? Thinking very hard about coming to Jackson Hole, Wyoming? Already made the final decision to come to Jackson Hole?

That is an EXCELLENT choice, my friend! August 21 st is going to be a day for the record books – but only if your eyes are to the sky. The sky above Jackson Hole, more specifically, being among the best for the day.

A little after 11:30 am that day, if you happen to be lucky enough to be here in Jackson… Read More

Summer! Summer! Summer! August 29th, 2016

Summer in Jackson Hole is beautiful, as usual, and the people are here to prove it. The streets of town are packed with park visitors, and our Boathouse is bursting with rafters. We are having a nice long stretch of dry weather in Western Wyoming as well, which means it is HOT and DRY. Great rafting weather, just don't forget the sunscreen and water bottles. (The sun at 6,000 feet can be brutal)

Our sunny days are also helping out… Read More

The Mad River boathouse has all the trappings of winter still (snow included). Even through the snow, I can almost smell the wetsuits in our office already, finally out of storage and just waiting to be handed out to you. I know that as we are wrapping up the end of winter and ushering in the beginning of our summer, so is everyone else. Plans are being made. Hopes and dreams of escaping the daily stress you deal with all year round – even if just for a week, or even a weekend – are popping up as those vacation days get closer and clos… Read More

What Do River Guides Do All Winter?

Here at Mad River Boat Trips we have the benefit of spending all of our time in, and around the Snake River. That is, during the summer time we do. Unfortunately, we can't run the river all year round. Water levels drop in the fall and winter and we still haven't found anyone keen to go rafting in a Wyoming winter with “temperatures so low, your face hurts". Freezing temperatures do not make fun in the water, “fun", anymore. Those kinds of low temperatures mercifully come just in January … Read More

For our company, guiding new people down the Snake River each day is more than just letting them crush rapids. The Snake has so much to offer: beautiful scenery, flourishing wildlife, and exciting water flow. But what most people don't realize is how much history lies in this land, this river, and this company. For 11,000 years, the Snake River's inhabitants have contributed to the writing of its incredible story. We are humbled and thrilled that Mad River has been a part of that story for the last 40 years. The year is 1976. Breck O'Neal … Read More

Mad River Boat Trips is your rafting ticket to exploring the wet and wild Snake River. Watch some of our favorite Jackson Hole whitewater rafting videos below. The Mad River guides are happy to share their vast knowledge of animals, flora, and geology of the area, and all guides hold advanced certifications in rafting safety. Come join Mad River Boat Trips on the famous Snake River, for a whitewater rafting trip you won't soon forget!

Jackson Hole Whitewater Rafting on the Snake River