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Must-Do Autumn Activities in Jackson Hole, WY

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Whether you’re new to the Jackson Hole area or have been living there your entire life, you’re about to enter one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous seasons imaginable – autumn. As the summer weather begins to become a distant memory and the days get shorter, a stunning transformation takes place. The animals in the area…

How Whitewater Rafting Can Be Used for Corporate Team Building

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Teambuilding with Whitewater Rafting in Jackson, WY Sometimes, it takes an extraordinary experience to help you understand and bond with the people you work with. One such experience that combines excitement with learning, adventure with cooperation, and playfulness with professionalism, is whitewater rafting. According to a 2012 Wakefield Research Study, 31 percent of employees dislike…

Things to Know Before Going Whitewater Rafting in Jackson Hole, WY

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Things to Know Before Whitewater Rafting in Jackson Hole, WY Sometimes floating in a pool just isn’t enough. You want speed and adventure, but you’re not quite ready to jump off a cliff. Luckily, white water rafting is the perfect fix for adrenaline junkies and those wishing to cool off. With different routes ranging from…

9 Ways You Can Help Save the Rivers

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River Conservation Tips Humanity was successful thanks to rivers like the Tigris and Euphrates, so treating them the same way we would treat a respected elder should be expected even without considering how important they still are today for many of the same purposes. These simple ideas are a great way to help keep our rivers alive…

Wildlife in Jackson Hole, WY – Mad River Boat Trips

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Wildlife in Jackson Hole, WY Located at the beautiful valley floor between the Tetons and the Snake River, it’s hard to find a more perfect location for experiencing wildlife than Jackson Hole. We’re home to some of the most incredible collections of American animals available, from dominant predators to majestic herds, and everything in between. If you’re ready…

Paddler’s Guide to Whitewater Rafting Lingo

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a heart-pounding experience down the whitewater rapids of the legendary Snake River. When it comes to whitewater rafting, you’ll want to understand the language and lingo used, so you can react properly when given an instruction. Before you head off on your next adventure, brush up on a few…