Family Reunions, Weddings, Corporate Groups or Charters
Skip the boring brunch or board meeting. Go rafting!

No matter the event, whatever brings you and your group to Jackson Hole, be sure to include some time for fun. Rafting is a fantastic activity to do together.

The Snake River Canyon has class II and III rapids, making it appropriate for (almost) all ages. Grab a paddle and shoot the rapids with our experienced and professional guides. If whitewater isn’t your thing, our scenic float option would be a good choice. The braided upper Snake River is prime wildlife habitat. This stretch is mellow and provides a nice, relaxing way to enjoy the wild side of Wyoming.

We can accommodate groups large and small. Let us work out the details and give your employees/family/guests a trip to remember! We look forward to seeing you here.

Call our group sales manager today, seats may fill quickly.

Heidi Haeusler
Mobile: 307.264.9174

Skip that formal brunch and bring your wedding guests on the river.

"I'm so glad we decided to go rafting instead of having a formal brunch. Those events are always so stuffy. Rafting was so much fun. Everyone will remember that as the best thing we all did together." (Massachusetts)

"I thought we would reserve about thirty spots for all our wedding guests. Mad River was flexible so we told anyone who hadn't had a chance to sign up to just come that morning and we would fit them in. Eighty people showed up to go rafting! What a turnout! It was awesome." (Wyoming)

"Everyone in our wedding party raved about this rafting trip! Their experienced guides adjusted each boat's ride based on the comfort level of the passengers (more adventurous for my 30-something friends and more cautious and laid-back for my parents and in-laws)." (Wisconsin)

"We booked a large group (about 40) with Mad River the day before our wedding. Everyone had a great time. We had kids as young as 6 and adults into their 60's and everyone enjoyed the trip immensely. The guides were fun and informative. People told us that it was a highlight of their trip out west. They also made it very easy for people to pay separately/ for their families. We would recommend Mad River to anyone looking to get on the river while they're in Jackson." (Wyoming)

Team Building
Take your team out of the comfort zone and see what they can do

"We just wanted to do something fun together so that we would be a stronger working team. Rafting was our first choice. Some of us had never been and it was so much fun. We have to do it every year now. It has become our thing." (Idaho)

"We were treated with many different excursions. We floated the scenic run and saw more bald eagles than I could imagine. Then later that day we rafted the white water section and were treated to an amazing dinner on the river complete with hot chocolate. We have run these two sections three years in a row and love Mad River! The guides are the best and the equipment is top notch." (Utah)

Family Reunion
Bring the family together over a nice riverside dinner.

"We really wanted an activity where all of us could participate.Rafting was so much fun and we even got pictures of us going through the rapids.I think that's going to be our Christmas card this year." (Texas)

"Our trip was in June 2015 and it was awesome! We had 3 generations and did the small boat big action. The youngest in our boat was 11 and she loved it. Our guide was KC and he was great! Our family has had him as a guide on prior trips and it was like rafting with an old friend! When you plan a family activity that kids, teens, & grandparents can enjoy you know you have a winner. We will definitely go again!" (Washington)

"We had an amazing experience rafting!! We had ages 75 down to 7 in our boat. Our guide did great with no issues. We would use them again for sure!!" (Texas)

"Our trip was fantastic! We had two full boats of relatives who were staying in Teton Village for a family reunion. The trip was so fun and the food was yummy!! The guide had a lot of knowledge of the river and the area but also made the trip really fun with the tricks he played on the younger kids. Definitely would recommend the trip to anyone - all ages too! We had a range of 10 to 72 and everyone had a great time." (California)

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Where is Mad River?

Mad River Boat Trips is located in the beautiful Jackson Hole Valley in northwestern Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

The Snake River begins its journey in the rugged backcountry of Yellowstone National Park and gathers water as it heads south toward Jackson Hole through Grand Teton National Park. The river exits the south end of Jackson Hole through the winding Snake River Canyon, lined with trees and steep granite walls, small alpine meadows and abundant wildlife. It’s on this section of the Snake that you’ll experience some of the wildest whitewater in the Rocky Mountains.

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