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How Whitewater Rafting Can Be Used for Corporate Team Building

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Teambuilding with Whitewater Rafting in Jackson, WY

Sometimes, it takes an extraordinary experience to help you understand and bond with the people you work with. One such experience that combines excitement with learning, adventure with cooperation, and playfulness with professionalism, is whitewater rafting.

According to a 2012 Wakefield Research Study, 31 percent of employees dislike traditional team-building activities. Whitewater rafting exceeds mundane trust exercises, and can provide the exact atmosphere your employees crave. Let’s look at the ways that whitewater rafting can help businesses improve staff camaraderie.

Chowing Down

Breaking bread with your coworkers is a great way to improve workplace relationships. Alice Jenner, the author of the book Eating Together, claims that eating with other people makes them feel more equal, and reduces negative perceptions about different genders, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Many of our whitewater trip packages include meals. Choose from a number of popular options including:

• An evening trip with a delectable cookout stop on the way

• A half day trip that includes a fun dutch oven cookout

Working as a Team

While whitewater rafting is mostly safe, there is an element of danger involved, especially if people don’t work together. Each person has a critical role to help paddle through rapids and other river obstacles. This sets up an open environment for bonding and encouragement. Our largest raft can hold up to 16 people, which is perfect for small offices; we also have smaller rafts if you’d like to break employees up into teams or groups.

Nature Benefits

Being closed up in an office all day is stifling. Just the new experience of being in nature with your coworkers should instantly improve their demeanor. In fact, nature therapy is shown to have regenerative powers that can diminish stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improve physical health and mental clarity. Being out on the river is a great way for your staff to relax and unwind together.

Show Your Employees You Care

The main point of a whitewater rafting trip is to have fun. It allows your employees to enjoy themselves while also improving their social skills. Inviting them on such a trip will help them feel valued as an employee of your company.

With bonding levels increased, your employees will feel more comfortable interacting with one another; workflow and quality will improve because people won’t be hesitant to approach each other for advice, suggestions, or criticism. Employees that feel valued by each other, will feel much happier in the workplace.

Book Your Corporate Whitewater Rafting Trip in Jackson, WY

It doesn’t matter how large or small your office is – we can accommodate all group sizes! We also offer discounts based on the number of people going on your whitewater rafting trip. We offer bus transportation from the boat house to the river launch site. It is a good idea to book the trip as soon as you can – especially if you want to go during our peak season in July and August. Spots fill up quickly! We’ll take care of all of the details to give you a trip your employees will always remember.

Skip the boring brunch or board meeting. Whitewater rafting and Mad River Boat Trips in Jackson, WY offers unrivaled ways to energize and unify any group. Let’s go rafting!

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