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Recycling in Jackson Hole

The “Green” Company with the Yellow Boats!

Mad River is a “Business Leader” for Reduce Reuse Recycle in Jackson. We do our best to recycle everything that we can and we are always looking for new ways to green our business. Mad Rives uses recycled products whenever possible. Our brochures are printed on recycled paper with soy based ink. We sell shirts made from bamboo and organic cotton. We use real silverware and plates for our meals. We compost. Our disposable cups and napkins are compostable. We use both sides of every sheet of paper. We opt for email invoices and online catalogs to reduce our paper usage. We perform yearly maintenance on our vehicles so they will run efficiently and with the least amount of emissions possible.

The RRR Business Leaders Program is thrilled to support and bring public awareness to businesses making an effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It’s an ongoing project that is intended to provide resources for local businesses to become more environmentally friendly while contributing to their economic success. – RRR in Jackson Hole

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Windpowered Boathouse Lower Valley Energy

Since 2008, Mad River has been running on 100% windpower, supplied by Lower Valley Energy. "Choosing renewable power reduces the impact on our water sources, the air we breathe, wildlife, and the land around us. Also, the more customers participating in Green Power will help ensure that our communities will benefit from renewable energy sources long into the future." - Lower Valley Energy

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Reusable Water Bottles One Less Bottle Campaign

As part of the area's One Less Bottle Campaign, Mad River issued each employee a reusable bottle to do our part in reducing the amount of bottles going into landfills. Staff has taken the initiative seriously; if you're caught using a disposable cup in the Mad River Boathouse you will receive a $5 fine for each cup you use. "Every day in Jackson we generate nearly 5,000 single-use plastic bottles into our waste stream. Each time a person fills a reusable bottle, its one less bottle that goes to waste." - Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling

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Green Cleaning Products The Clean Environment Co.

Mad River chooses green cleaning products from The Clean Environment Co. because of their limited effect on the environment. "The Clean Environment Co has been selected to provide cleaning products for Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton National Park and over 50 other National Parks."

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Green Business Practices Forever Earth Program

Mad River participates in the Forever Earth Program. Environmental compliance is a fundamental commitment across every property of Forever Resorts. They have established Forever Earth processes to ensure all of their properties are fully compliant with regulatory obligations and local community agreements. Forever Resorts believes that as an environmental leader they must go far beyond regulatory obligations and seek out new technologies and methodologies to lesson their burden with the environment. By establishing strong initiatives in both of these areas Forever Resorts will continue to expand and strengthen these programs in every way possible.

Cleaning Up Snake River Mad River

Every spring, the Mad River staff participates in the Snake River Clean Up. Guides maneuver rafts over Big Kahuna and Lunchcounter rapids in search of trash and debris (the river is no place for a car transmission). Mad River is proud to help organize such an event and with the majority of Jackson's Rafting and Fishing outfitters participating in the day-long river clean up, community commitment for a clean river environment is clear. Mad River takes pride in the unique resource we have here and we make every effort to keep it pristine.