Professional, passionate, skilled, and sometimes ... a little bit wild!
Work at Mad River ... join the family!

Mad River is a great place to work in the summer. Whether you join the crew as a front desk agent, sales agent, shuttle driver, bus driver, river cook, or guide we look forward to seeing you here. Friendships you make here will last a lifetime.

Staff Benefits

  • free Jackson Hole rafting trips anytime you want
  • free rafting trips for your family when they come to visit you
  • discounted trips and rentals from Forever Resorts partners
  • discounts on equipment
  • access to advanced training courses at a reduced cost
  • bragging rights of working with the best staff in Jackson Hole
  • free ice cream (for good behavior)

Here at Mad River, we strive to set the bar both locally and nationally with regards to our training and safety standards.

  • Longest running Guide School in Jackson Hole
  • Wilderness First Aid / Wilderness First Responder Certifications
  • Swiftwater for River Runners Certifications
  • Multi-Agency Emergency Scenario Training Modules
  • Full Company Employee Training

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Our staff safety and our guest safety is our top priority. As a professional operation, we require all employees to undergo pre-employment drug screening as well as random drug screenings throughout the summer.

Office Staff:

Want to work for an outdoor company and enjoy perks such as free rafting whenever you want? Our office staff get to have a normal work day and still have time to enjoy the perks of working in Jackson Hole. You can hit the river whenever you would like as well as bike, hike, run, explore and do anything that this amazing place has to offer. Working for Mad River in the office is a fast paced and fun work environment. Working with great people doing sales, check-ins and back end logistics makes the work day fly by. Have fun at work - every day.

Best suited for ... quick thinkers, fast learners, meticulous and detail obsessed individuals who like to laugh and be helpful

Apply online - just click here.

Bus Drivers:

Have a CDL or want to get one? We have a pretty great summer job for you. Our bus drivers get to spend a fair bit of down time hanging out by the river, reading, and fishing. If you feel so inclined, you can get some exercise by taking a hike or going for a run. After doing your pre-trip vehicle check, you will greet the guests and take them down to the river. While they are on the river your time is free to do what you want. You will meet the guests when they come off the river and bring them back to our boathouse. On most days, drivers take two groups of guests down and back to the river. Mad River provides bus drivers with all required training, (First Aid, CPR).

Best suited for ... safety focused individuals, punctual and detail oriented clean freaks who have excellent customer service

Apply online - just click here.

Shuttle Driver:

If you like the idea of working in Jackson Hole and want that healthy work/life balance, then this is the job for you. The best shuttle driving perk is the down time in between trips. In fact, we recommend bringing a hammock and a good book to work. Shuttle Drivers arrive in the morning with the guides and prepare and safety check the van and trailer. After driving to the river launch and helping to get the guests geared up, your time is free until it is time to meet the boats and guests at the end of the trip. You can read, go for a hike or a run, fish, visit the nearby town for food or ice cream, or play some Spike Ball with the other shuttle or bus drivers. (If you are motivated, you can do all these things in one day.) Additional duties for the day may include fueling vehicles, helping out at the boathouse and assisting with any emergencies or logistical issues that arise during the day. For the most part, this job is the ideal summer job. Don't know how to drive with or back up a trailer - not to worry, we'll train you and give you time to practice before we send you down to the boat ramps. Mad River provides shuttle drivers with all required training, (First Aid and CPR).

Best suited for ... driving enthusiasts, punctual and detail oriented individuals, self starters and team players

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​River Guide:

Spend your days working outdoors on the Snake River in Jackson Hole. Mad River offers both whitewater and scenic floats so all our guides spend time both rowing and paddle guiding.The Snake River is a big water river and has a range of Class I - IV, depending on the season's runoff during early spring. We are looking for individuals who are not afraid of hard work, who love the outdoors, and who are continually striving to improve both their hard and soft guiding skills. We have a busy summer season and expect our guides to be committed to working through our busy season which ends in mid-August. Mad River provides guides with all required training, (Wilderness First Aid, CPR and River Rescue), and pays additional incentives for advanced certifications. Experienced guides will be required to pass a screening run and complete a number of shadow trips with one of our senior guides. New guides with no previous commercial guiding experience will need to attend the Mad River Guide School and successfully complete the course to be considered for hire as a Mad River Guide.

Best suited for ... extroverts, outdoor enthusiasts, history/biology/geology buffs and eagle lovers

Apply online - just click here.

​River Cook:

If working outdoors all day next to the river in Jackson Hole is your idea of a great time, then you will love this job. Mad River maintains a dinner camp on the whitewater section of the Snake River. River Cooks row our cataraft, loaded with all the supplies for preparing dinner, down through the whitewater in order to set up and prepare meals for our guests who will arrive just as dinner is served. River Cooks need to be able to handle a raft in whitewater, lift and carry supplies up to the camp, time food preparations so that meals are ready on time, order supplies and keep the kitchen and camp clean in accordance with health code. Mad River provides cooks with all required training, (Wilderness First Aid, CPR, River Rescue and ServSafe).

Best suited for ... food lovers, punctual individuals, outdoor enthusiasts, aspiring river guides

Apply online - just click here.

Ashlie Gilbert, shuttle driver, logistics ninja.

"When I first applied to Mad River I thought it would be cool to work a fun job in a beautiful area for a few months. Little did I know how hard I would fall in love. My co-workers have become some of my best friends and my family. Mad River has the funnest and friendliest work environment I have ever been a part of. One season has already turned in to two and I definitely can see more in the future."

Darla Page, bus driver, family dinner coordinator.

"I was somewhat lost when I found my job at Mad River. When I arrived I was treated like a long lost family member. As the summer progressed the love in this family grew stronger. We all became a great team that ran without too many hiccups. We got our work done with a smile on our faces and our guests always shared that smile at the end of the day. Leaving for the winter was heartbreaking. Don't be too sad for me, the reunion and addition of more family members the following summer made the time apart worth it. I love the people that I work with and this job is one that people are happy to be at. All I ask is that in the many summers to come I be invited back."

Bobby Perkins-McIntosh, guide, international man of mystery.

"Working at Mad River feels more like going to summer camp than going to a job. The community at Mad River is second to none and every day when I go to work it feels like I am getting paid to have fun with my friends. The atmosphere is always great and there is always something new and fun going on. Whether you're on the river guiding or just hanging out at the boat house, you're going to be having a good time at Mad River."

Katy Flanagan, guide, cook, sales, shuttle, janitor, fun haver.

"Wanted: Hard working, fun loving, good-looking individuals with a passion for the outdoors and an attitude to boot. I've worked a variety of jobs at Mad River for the last two summers, and they've been some of the best times of my life (so far!) There's nothing better than working a job where your co-workers also end up being not just your friends, but your family as well. We're just a big group of dirty river hippies who love each other to death. In all seriousness, though, Mad River Boat Trips is probably the greatest place you could ever seek employment. There's never a dull day on the river, or in the office. If you are looking for a work environment full of some of the most wonderful people you'll ever meet, we'd love for you to join us."

Brandon Neubert, bus driver, creative director

"My summer at Mad River was the most fun summer I've ever had. I go to school during the fall and winter semesters in school, and my summers are really important to me because of that. There is no better place to spend summer than in the Tetons and working for a river rafting company -especially Mad River. I had already landed a job in Jackson somewhere else, but I kept looking since I didn't feel right about it. But when I met KC and Andrew at Mad River, I knew right away that it was the right place. Mad River is a big family. Everyone works together, plays together, work relationships are friendships – that's really the bottom line right there. People are happy to help you with questions and help you succeed. Mad River will always be a stop for me when I'm in Jackson for the rest of my life. Heck – people that had worked there 20 years earlier stopped in for a visit now and then. And after a summer working there, it's easy to understand why!"

Lizzie Watson, guide, bonfire supervisor

"I signed up for Mad River Guide School in 2007 in hopes that I would get a job for a raft company. I was waiting tables at the time and wanted to find a fun job that challenged me and was outside.I had no idea what I was in for. Mad River Boat Trips is an amazing company to work for.My bosses have become two of my best friends and the crew is like family to me. I get to share my passion for rivers with children that may be experiencing rafting for the first time, adults that may be on their one and only trip to cross off their bucket list, and young girls who learn they too can guide or do whatever they want. My favorite part of my job is being outside and working in the best office you could ask for - sitting on the back of a boat floating down the Snake River."

Ryan Mertaugh, guide, distinguished gentleman

"Working at Mad River is not really like work at all... You come to the shop in the morning to prepare a bunch of toys for a day on the river and then go play, and then comes the kicker, we get payed to do it! Beside the fact that our office is the Snake River itself, probably one of the more beautiful offices in the world, there are many things I love about working for Mad River. Mad River is a place to expand one's knowledge of the river world. It's encouraged to go run other rivers when given the opportunity and to learn about the conservation of our watershed. We give back to the community and offer educational floats to the local 5th graders in the fall, and also have rafting programs that encourage young kids to read instead of being sucked in by too much technology these days. There are many more examples that I could give that would help explain why I think Mad River is an amazing place to work, but what it comes down to is that Mad River has created a work environment built around safety and fun, and in the river world, or any profession, that's hard to beat!"

Caitlin Denhalter, sales, chief organization consultant

"Working for Mad River can be be described in this short phrase: work hard, play harder. My husband and I took a big jump moving to Jackson and working for Mad River, and it was one of the best things we have done together. We were immediately a part of the Mad River family, and made lifelong friends with some of the coolest people on the planet (for reals, the whole planet). We ate a lot of good food (you haven't lived until you have eaten Mad River Ribs), listened to a lot of live music and spent a lot of time exploring Wyoming. I wish we could have made the summer stretch just a little bit (or a lot) longer. Mad River offers so much more than just a summer job, it is a community that opens so many doors."

James Denhalter, bus driver, beard of the month club winner (every month)

"Working at Mad River has been one of the most fun experiences of my life. My wife and I have always wanted to do things out of the norm, when we decided to go live in our van and work for a river rafting company many people were skeptical, (mostly our parents), including us. When we pulled in the first day and my wife saw that outdoor shower she panicked. I think we were both worried about making the right decision. However, in that same day we were accepted as if we were life-long friends. Mad River has a family feeling; many of us live in close quarters. We work, play, eat and do most things together. I was able to meet and socialize with people who have done amazing things with their lives, some of the most interesting people in the world. This summer taught us a lot about ourselves, we grew and changed and we loved it. If you are considering coming to work for Mad River, DO IT. It is the right decision; where else is there a summer job where you can finish the summer feeling like you were on a 3 month vacation. I promise you will finish the summer glad you did and if you have a wife, she will even learn to love the outdoor shower."

Paul Jones, guide, big flips champion

"The river guiding life is a life that few people get to experience. The years I was a guide for Mad River were some of the funnest years of my life. KC Bess offers unreal trainings that require you to maintain control and manage rescue scenarios and situations. Many of the skills I learned as a guide have helped me in other aspects of my life like "go slow to go fast" and "stop, reset, go". I have so many fond memories from boat flips to surfing Lunch Counter when the water levels are just right. Not to mention meeting people from all over the world. Germans are crazy!"

Ian McIver, guide, blues baby

"You wanna work here. Trust me. Look around, sure it's pretty in Jackson Hole, but look deeper. Look at the smiles pasted on the faces of the staff. Look at the way they enjoy their surroundings almost as much as they enjoy each other's company. When I first started here, I couldn't stop saying to myself "Really!? This is a JOB?!" Thirteen years have come and gone since and I've never stopped feeling that way. Sometimes, I look up at the half light of the canyon on the cliffs, take a deep breath, and I still can't believe it's real. I never loved a job the way I love this one. You learn things you can't get doing anything else. You have to face fears, facts, shortcomings, accountabilities, and you'll make the best friends of your life all at the same time. It's my favorite thing I've ever done. Seriously, get in the yellow boat!"

Terrie Bybee, bus driver, ringmaster

"Mad River Boat Trips is an awesome place to work! Why you ask? I'll tell you why. I'll start with the family like atmosphere. As a seasonal employee I live on site along with other seasonal employees. The company has gone out of their way to make us feel at home as much as possible. There is a common area in the boat house for us to gather and socialize. Internet is available for all to use. There is a really awesome outdoor shower, a refrigerator for our use, a barbecue and microwave, as well as a washer and dryer. There is a multitude of outdoor activities to enjoy on your day off as well as while you are working. One of the perks of working for a whitewater rafting company is you can go down the river as many times as you want for free as long as there is space on the boat. I like to go into town to shop and eat at the local restaurants. If you like to see wildlife there is an abundance of mule deer, elk, moose, bald eagles, and osprey. If you're lucky you might get to see some buffalo, mountain goats, or a bear. One of my favorites to see are the American White Pelicans that nest on the scenic stretch of the river. The pay in my opinion is awesome and a bonus is available if you work the entire high season. This is a great place to work. My only regret is that I didn't find this job 20 years ago."

Ben Callahan, guide, mountain man

"Mad River is, hands down, the best rafting outfit in Jackson. I love working at Mad River for a few reasons: 1) Getting paid to play--The days are long and there is a lot of physical and mental work done on the daily, but at the end of the day, we've been getting paid to do what others are paying to do. 2) Friends—Going back to Mad River season after season and catching up with great friends about their winter's crimes is one of the things I look forward to all winter long; hanging out at the boat house, climbing, hiking, biking, and paddling in the mountains of Jackson with good friends is one of my favorite things about working at Mad River. 3) The boat house—another reason I love working for MRBT is that the boat house is literally and figuratively my home. Despite the rowdy river guide scene, I know my four kids are safe to hang out there. Also, the dinner parties (lobster, low-country boil, BBQ, grilled pizza) are top notch. 4) The training—Mad River is one of the only outfits that pays their employees to train and pays for their training; not to mention that Mad River has, by far, the most rescue certifications and medical training in Jackson. Through Mad River's extensive training I have been able to join my local Swift Water and High Angle Search and Rescue teams."

Jimmy Volin, guide, captain enthusiam

"I have been working for Mad River for 4 summers and could not imagine working for anyone else in the valley. The friends you meet will last a lifetime and the fun you will have will last all summer. It can get pretty hectic in the high season so being a team player is imperative. Most people around Mad River are jack of all trades. I can't wait till next spring to do it all over again! See you at high water!!!"

Adam Haeusler, guide, practical jokester

"The best thing about working for Mad River is you are constantly surrounded by natural beauty and you get to work with some of the greatest people that you've ever met in your life. It's the kind of place where you work together and you want to hang out with each other at night. Whether you're working here for a summer or many years, Mad River will change your life."

Annie Gonzalez, manager, truth seeker

"Working at Mad River, you're surrounded by quality people who are very knowledgeable and enjoy the outdoors. I learned so much from the new friends that I made here. The people that work at Mad River inspire me to leave my temporary belongings aside, and to go out and get after it! It's an amazing thing to have so many positive examples surrounding you daily; showing you that life is a full and colorful experience if you let it be. At Mad River I consider my co-workers my family; we're a team who works together, laughs together, rafts together, shares a couple beers together, and ultimately grows together. Because of our family dynamic, Mad River has created an inviting environment for fellow rafters and friends to join our team or to at least join us as we go down the river. I'm so happy that I can say that there's nothing like the feeling of being excited when I wake up to go to work. Thank you Mad River for the experience, inspiration, and new friends that I can call family!"

Ty Hess, River Chef, Feeder of the People

I was ready for a change, I loved running rivers but wanted to get pro status experience. So, I signed up for guide school with Mad River. I didn't really know what to expect other than it's probably going to be cold. From day one the senior guides at Mad River made the experience fun and super informative. They taught me all kinds of new skills on and off the river. How to read the water, rowing, paddling, hydrology, first aid, water safety, and so much more. Guide school really sharpened my river skills. I'd recommend guide school to anyone, whether you want to be a professional guide or just enjoy being on the river. I just remember on the last day being like... "I don't want it to end."

As the Chef here at Mad River I have had an absolute blast. I'm new to the company and I can honestly say that it is a special place to "work". From management, to the bus drivers, office staff, and beyond, everyone is great! We all work together to have a safe and fun summer. It's like being in a big goofy family full of people with a passion for the river and the outdoors in general. I came for a single season and I don't see myself going anywhere for quite some time.

Where is Mad River?

Mad River Boat Trips is located in the beautiful Jackson Hole Valley in northwestern Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

The Snake River begins its journey in the rugged backcountry of Yellowstone National Park and gathers water as it heads south toward Jackson Hole through Grand Teton National Park. The river exits the south end of Jackson Hole through the winding Snake River Canyon, lined with trees and steep granite walls, small alpine meadows and abundant wildlife. It's on this section of the Snake that you'll experience some of the wildest whitewater in the Rocky Mountains.

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