Professional. Passionate. Skilled.
And sometimes... a little bit wild.

Here at Mad River, our job is to mitigate risk while showing you a great time on the Snake River. Our entire staff is committed to showing you a great time on the river; rest assured, we have just as much fun as you do!

All of our guides undergo rigorous training before handling their own boat on the river. This includes a week-long, intensive guide school, out of which we hand-pick only the best guides, a minimum of twenty shadows with an experienced guide and a two day river rescue course that earns each guide an internationally recognized certification in River Rescue. Our guides also hold the required CPR and First Aid certifications. In fact, every one of our guides exceeds the requirements set forth by the US Forest Service. Rest assured, your safety is our number one priority.

Our bus drivers, shuttle drivers and office staff are professional, pleasant and fun to work with. In fact, this is what makes Mad River such a great place. In the course of a day, you'll meet the office staff, your bus driver, the shuttle driver and your guide. Each person brings their own unique perspective to the experience, but as a whole, we work together to make sure you have a great day. The same high standards that we hold for the guide staff are echoed in every aspect of the company, ensuring that you will not only enjoy your time, but you'll be planning your next trip back before you hit the boat ramp. We hope to see you again and again...

Take a moment to meet the Mad River "Family". We work together, we play together and we all share a love of the river. Everyone has a little something special they bring to the table, (some more special than others), but our goal is to show you a good time and share a little bit of our passion for the Snake River with you.

KC Bess // Operations Manager

Hometown: Ivins, UT

17 Years with Mad River

KC, fearless leader of the river crew, rounds out the guide staff with a healthy dose of risk management. He geeks out on knots, ropes and all things rescue. He got his start at Mad River during the year it snowed all through Guide School so we are lucky that he enjoys a healthy dose of suffering for his outdoor adventures. In his free time, he enjoys trail running, multi-day river trips with his family and volunteering for the local Search and Rescue team.

Tess Carlson // Office Manager

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA

4 Years with Mad River

After living in New Zealand for a year, Tess is back!! We're pretty pumped that she's taken on the job of office manager. Her laid back personality keeps everyone in the office calm, cool, and collected. At the same time, she's super productive and knowledgable. She loves discussing her world travels, convincing people to go rafting, and being a leader for our Mad River crew.

Heidi Haeusler // Marketing & Group Sales Manager

Hometown: Columbus, OH

7 Years with Mad River

Heidi has mid-western roots but has been living and exploring the American West for the last decade. She came to Jackson Hole looking for an escape from her urban dwelling, corporate sales world and is now an essential team member coordinating Mad River's group sales. She is serious and sarcastic by nature but has an unwavering passion for adventure travel, especially when it comes to bringing all sorts of groups together. In her free time, she keeps up with the men in her life...celebrity husband, Adam (Will Ferrell look-a-alike) and two boys, Wade and Jude. We're thankful they keep her lighthearted and not so serious…most of the time.

Caitlin Bell // Social Media Manager

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

4 Years with Mad River

You know when Caitlin is working because you can hear her contagious laugh when you walk through the door. You can find her in the office cracking jokes, brightening days, holding a cup of joe, and possibly wearing her sunglasses inside. She is a recent graduate from the University of Alabama (can I get a Roll Tide?!) and she is excited to take on this next chapter of life of meeting new people and exploring new places.

Mike Fitzpatrick "Fitzy" // Guide

Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, ME

7 Years with Mad River (post-retirement)

Fitz is proof that retirement shouldn't include any indoor activities. After a rewarding professional career as a civil engineer, his love for the river brought him full circle back to guiding the Snake River. When Fitz isn't on the river, you can find him mountain biking in Moab, kayaking some gnarly class V, surfing Lunchcounter or cutting a rug at the Wort on bluegrass night. If you're lucky, maybe he'll save you a dance...

Mark Rector // Guide

Hometown: Portland, OR

18 Years with Mad River

Mark has spent every day of this decade living life to the fullest in Jackson Hole. Mark spends his long winters as a ski instructor at Teton Village. Mark follows the snow melt straight to the Snake River and shares his love of rivers with everyone fortunate enough to find him on the back of the boat. His long standing reputation in Jackson makes him a familiar face on the river and off. Well, that, and his constant search for a parking spot for his van...

Ben Callahan // Guide

Hometown: American Fork, UT

11 Years with Mad River

Ben is an educator and an outdoor enthusiast. During the school year he is the coolest High School English teacher you'll ever know. As soon as school is out, he packs his four beautiful children and charming wife into an RV and hits the road for a summer in Jackson Hole. That's the life, isn't it? If that wasn't enough, Ben also volunteers on the Washington County Search and Rescue team and he also sits on the High Angle Mountain Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue teams. Busy guy...

Nate Mintz // Guide

Hometown: Medfield, MA

8 Years with Mad River

Nate took a trip out to Jackson Hole for a little ski vacation once upon a time and that did it. After graduating from Franklin and Marshall College he bought a one-way ticket to Jackson Hole (figuratively speaking). His first passion is skiing, but when the snow melts, he loves nothing more than hanging out on the river and calling it "work". In his free time, Nate and his wife Ainslie like to hit the mountain bike trails and go fast.

Bobby Perkins McIntosh // Guide

Hometown: Riverfalls, WI

5 Years with Mad River

Born and raised on a cat farm in western Wisconsin, Bobby has become, truly, a man of the world. His life experiences include teaching in the Orient, living with the Picts and playing Fussball in das Vaterland. After a four year stint in Utah, getting an academic education, he found his way north to Mad River. After a rough first day on the job, he has truly come into his own. Of his off days, you'll find him practicing cello, studying world religions or just straight chillin'. Right on, Bobby...

Adam Woolley // Guide

Hometown: Vestavia Hills, AL

7 Years with Mad River

Woolley (like the mammoth) is known as the friendliest river guide at Mad River. It might be all that southern charm he learned at Ole Miss, or it might just be his Alabama roots, we're not sure. His love of the outdoors pulled him west and he landed here in Jackson Hole. Woolley plays base for a few bands in town and you can even find him on stage with John Wayne and Stackhouse. When he's not entertaining, you can bet he is out fly-fishing or hiking with his pup, Linus.

Caitlin Denhalter // Graphic Design

Hometown: Snowflake, AZ

4 Years with Mad River

She's the only one us who get's to enjoy life year around under sunny Arizona skies. Caitlin spent a couple years with us here in J-hole and now does our design from around the country. She just finished art school, but soon enough you will see her work around, we guarantee it!

Ryan Mertaugh // Guide

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

12 Years with Mad River

Ryan is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys climbing, mountaineering, skiing and volunteering on the local Search and Rescue team. Ryan also likes hula-hooping and has hooped several peaks in the Teton Range. You read that right - he climbs with a collapsible hula hoop and hoops the summit. He reminds us constantly to keep exploring this beautiful place we call home and to make sure we have fun doing it. Agreed, Ryan ... agreed.

Molly Shubert // Guide

Hometown: Somewhere in the mid-West.

2 Years with Mad River

Molly's passion for the outdoors radiates through her personality and experience. She is a seasoned long distance hiker having checked off the Pacific Crest, Arizona, and Florida trails. Molly is also a talented cook in the backcountry, just ask her about her gourmet lasagna.We think if there were an outdoor cooking channel called "chopped in the woods" Molly would be the star. Your banana boats don't stand a chance. In her spare time Molly is canyoneering, hula hooping, and spreading good vibes wherever she goes.

JR Rothing // Guide

Hometown: Deerfield, IL

2 Years with Mad River

If you were to check out JR's report card, it would surely say that he plays well with others…. *Outside*.He somehow finds a way to make all of his education centered around wilderness. He has a degree in Recreational Tourism with an concentration in Outdoor Education and Wilderness Ethics. On top of that, he finds ways to learn even more about the outdoors through NOLS trips, Wildness First Aid courses, and training with the American Red Cross . Judging by the amount of time and energy he's spent outside, JR was basically raised by wolves.

Sam Barrett // Guide

Hometown: Needham, MA

3 Years with Mad River

After blowing us out of the water (no pun intended) in guide school, we were eager to hire Sam to be a part of our guide team, and we've really enjoyed getting to know him. He loves guiding the whitewater section, but Sam truly shines on the Scenic float. He loves the calm, relaxing water and abundance of wildlife. If you happen to get stuck on the bottom of the river on this shallow stretch, Same will happily hop out and push you right along. Some might say he even does it on purpose.

Jimmy Volin //Guide

Hometown: Laramie, WY

6 Years with Mad River

At any hour of the day, one can most likely find Jimmy hard at work. Whether he's helping set up Mad River's riverside dinner site or painting numbers onto our big yellow boats, Jimmy is a team player. This is his fifth season as a Mad River guide, and we are lucky to have him. In order to cope with his withdraws from all outdoor winter activities, Jimmy finds relief during the summertime at Mad River. Working here is his excuse to quite literally follow the snow wherever it goes – and that means rafting the snowmelt through the Snake River canyon. After you experience how accommodating Jimmy is on and off the river, you'll be tempted to hire him as your full time vacation planner and tour guide.

Jessica Stauffer // Guide

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

9 Years with Mad River

Jess might be the most entertaining guide at Mad River. When you meet her down on the river, don't be thrown off if she's wearing a too-too or a head-to-toe neon suit. She takes her job seriously when it comes to safety. Not only is she a certified RN, but she's also constantly furthering her education on swift water rescue and wildlife first aid. With that being said, Jess is also super serious about having a good time.

Christian Burke // Guide

Hometown: Winthrop, ME

7 Years with Mad River

You wouldn't guess it from his humble demeanor, but Christian is a wicked good skier. He's spent every winter for the last 23 years shreddin' the gnar' on slopes all over the country, competing in races and just for fun. If Christian isn't on the river you can find him hanging out at the boat house schooling everyone in a game of spike ball or at the Cowboy dancing the night away.

Ian McIver //Guide

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

16 Years with Mad River

Ian is the epitome of the term "comedic relief". His catalogue of jokes is impressive, to say the least, and his professionalism on the river is unbeatable. After so many seasons professionally guiding with Mad River, we are almost certain that Ian could raft the Snake River with his eyes closed, and his boat would still be in stitches from laughter.His Jedi training would probably allow this to happen but we firmly insist he has to keep his eyes open while guiding.In his free time, Ian can be found rooting for the Boston Red Sox, watching historical documentaries, or perfecting his impersonation skills. Even if he says it with a straight face, it's still funny.

Ty Hess // River Chef

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

2 Years with Mad River

Having rafted the Green, Rogue, Salmon, Moab, Grand Canyon, Snake, Bighorn, Desolation, and Gates of Ladore rivers, you could say Ty has had some definite river experience! With a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, we couldn't ask for a better chef. Among his many responsibilities, Ty is also the proud owner of his dog Crash!

Boone Schmucker

Hometown: Nashville, TN

5 Years with Mad River

After a year in New Zealand, Boone is back and ready to attack. Boone first came out to Jackson Hole to attain his Wilderness EMT certification through NOLS, but got stuck here (like most people do). He's got a slight addiction to climbing mountains, whether it be by foot, skis, or bike. When he's not spending time outside, he's probably listening to pop music and staring at pictures of his sister's puggle, Dani-Mae. Boone is a world traveler, outdoorsman, and all around asset to the Mad River team!

Corry Jones // Guide

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

3 Years with Mad River

Once a college student, now a world traveler, Corry is out to see the world with Jackson as a launchpad. After working in Hawaii over the winter, he decided that he prefers a seasonal change, even it means moving from summer to summer.

Emily Moyer // office staff

Hometown: Jackson, WY

2 Years with Mad River

Emily is a Jackson Hole native. She loves everything about Jackson Hole but had to leave to head to college. She's currently spending her winters in Virginia NOT skiing, but getting herself poised and ready to take over a high level government post for emergency management. Either that, or she's just going to run the world. Either way, she'll make it work and do it with a smile.

Katy Flanagan // Guide

Hometown: Jackson, WY

5 Years with Mad River

We are thrilled to have Katy join the guide staff this year after crushing just about every other job Mad River has to offer. She spent last rafting season bringing just supplies down the river but decided this year to surround herself with better company. We're glad she did, because now her impressive guiding ability, majestic mane, and hilariously witty commentary can get the attention they deserve.

Delaney Harrop // Guide

Hometown: Walpole, MA

3 Years with Mad River

Delaney's favorite medium is water. She'll take it frozen or flowing. She grew up playing hockey and joined our guide staff last year after shuttle driving for a year.

Darla Page // Bus Driver

Hometown: Twin Falls, ID

4 Year with Mad River

Mama Darla is feared by some yet loved by all, and she seems to like it that way. She's ASL trained and truly tries to speak your language whatever it may be. She's been driving for quite some time and prioritizes your safety every time.

McKelle Hansen Turley

Hometown: Nibley, UT

2 Years with Mad River

She's back! Our favorite feminist is back in Jackson Hole for another summer. She brings a wealth of information and knowledge into our office and we're lucky to have another intellectual who is willing to bum in Jackson to help us out. She's studying Gender Studies and Psychology so be careful, she might be analyzing you, but she'll be nice about it.

Dustin Peralta


2 Years with Mad River

Michael Turley

Hometown: Nibley, UT

2 Years with Mad River

Spending his second summer here at Mad River as a bus driver, Michael is heading up north to Canada to complete Grad School in the fall at UBC, Vancouver, Canada in Glacial/ Fluvial Geo-morphology. We hope to see he and McKelle back here next summer because we know Michael will be missing his favorite river trip, the dinner trip.

Terrie Bybee // bus driver

Hometown: Gooding

5 Years

Terrie is as good as it gets, as a professional river bus driver for the past 22 years she's an essential piece to the Mad River puzzle. Full of wisdom and honest advice, Terrie is constantly looking out for others. She'll tell you her personal favorite river trips are the scenic float and the cast iron dinner trip.

Bridget Guthrie

Hometown: Dallas, TX

1 Year with Mad River

After passing guide school with flying colors, Bridget is ready to take on the rapids. Her fun personality and positive attitude has made her a perfect addition to the Mad River team and we are excited to see what she can do on the river. As if Bridget isn't unique enough, she has traveled to 20 different countries and hopes to make it back to raft the rivers there!

Mason Hill

Hometown: Charlotte, VT

1 Year with Mad River

As a graduate from Allegheny College, Mason has moved across the country for the summer to pursue his love for the outdoors. As one of our shuttle drivers, Mason is always around to help and never says no. His greatest concern is guest safety as he takes his job very seriously. I'd say Mason has his priorities in check!

Justine Ecker

Hometown: McMinnville, OR

1 Year with Mad River

Currently attending the University of Utah, Justine has decided to spend her summer with us at Mad River. She keeps her co workers constantly laughing with her witty comments and hilarious stories. We've loved getting to know Justine and are excited she's apart of the staff!

Jerry Egan

Hometown: Westfield, MA

1 Year with Mad River

After being a canoe guide in Ontario for 8 summers, Jerry has brought his love for the river to Mad River! Working as a front desk agent, he is full of knowledge on the area which makes him very resourceful. His dry humor and many adventure stories make him an awesome story teller and if he had it his way he would wear chacos 365 days of the year!

Mattie Thompson

Hometown: Fairhope, AL

1 Year with Mad River

Only a sophomore at the University of Alabama, Mattie is a long way from home. After spending just about every summer out west due to her love for the outdoors, Jackson Hole is not new territory. Although she loves the fresh air of the mountains, Mattie can't deny her southern roots as she claims she would pick water skiing over snow skiing any day!

Andrea Watson

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland

1 Year with Mad River

Andrea is nothing short of entertaining with her contagious laugh and inviting demeanor. If she isn't busy being the life of the party she's out with her dog Georgia enjoying the scenery and photographing the sunset. As an avid road tripper, Andrea has visited 41 out of the 50 states and hopes to make it to all 50 before she turns 25.

Hannah Bouline

Hometown: Dallas, TX

2 Years with Mad River

Hannah's back! After working as a sales agent at Mad River 3 years ago Hannah has returned to resume her position. The only difference is that she is now a graduate of the University of Denver so she's back to out smart us all! Hannah has a way of lighting up every room she walks into with her creativity and dry humor. On top of everything else she has written many children's books but when asked she admits they are still unpublished... hmm..

Laura Adams

Hometown: Mobile, AL

1 Year with Mad River

After completing her freshman year at Washington and Lee University, Laura has followed her dreams of working in Jackson Hole and found her way to Mad River. Her bright and energetic personality makes her a perfect fit! Although she's been on various rafting trips throughout the west, she's excited to find out which one she calls her favorite at Mad River.

Danielle Kimball

Hometown: Nags Head, NC

1 Year with Mad River

Although Danielle is originally from the East Coast, she fits in perfectly with the west. After spending time in Maui leading kayak trips, it's safe to say Danielle has a thing for the water. She hasn't been here long, but she has fallen in love with the outdoors and spends the majority of her free time exploring the park! Her quick thinking and witty comments can be credited to her passion for crossword puzzles.

Maya Kobe- Rundio

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California

1 Year with Mad River

With certifications in CPR and Wilderness First Responder, Maya is a well rounded gal. If she isn't hard at work managing the front desk she's off climbing anything she can find. Although she's got one more year left at the University of Utah we hope she makes her way back to Jackson some day!

Nicko Moreno

Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID

1 Year with Mad River

As a new addition to the Mad River staff, Nicko keeps everyone on their toes with his constant sarcasm and friendly personality. He may spend most of his time cooped up in the sales office, but he sure knows how to make an entrance with his incredibly kind and supportive attitude.

Talora Jolley

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

2 Years with Mad River

If you ever need advice on anything regarding the outdoors, Talora's the go to. Her age may make her deceiving but Talora is an independent operator and is always up for rock climbing and hiking! Her love for helping out on the river makes her super useful and her calm and laid back demeanor makes her the perfect person to tend the front desk.

Hailey Patno

Hometown: Jackson, WY

1 Year at Mad River

Born and raised right here in Jackson, it was only natural that Hailey take on guide school and we are excited to hire her for the season! Although you would think rafting would be the most vigorous of her adventures, white water rafting was not her wildest ride. Hailey has spent the past 6 summers competing at the collegiate level in Equestrian events.

Bri Agenbroad


1 Year with Mad River

Oliver Dev

Hometown: Olympia, Washington

1 Year with Mad River

Wohoo! We have a brand new sous chef at Mad River! It was thought that it was impossible for a person to be so happy until Oliver came along... He has a way of making everyone feel good! If he isn't tirelessly assisting Ty prepare an elaborate meal for the lunch/ dinner trips, you can bet Oliver is out climbing or just enjoying the great outdoors.

Frank Doss

Hometown: Roanoke, VA

1 Year with Mad River

As one of our newest additions to the staff, Frank came to Jackson Hole for the snow, but stayed for the sunshine and good times on the river. Frank gets the best of both worlds, working for Mad River in the summer and Ski Butlers in the winter. We think Frank knows all the dirty river guide jokes but is just too classy to share!

Lincoln Eggertz

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

1 Year with Mad River

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Fitz)

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

2 Years with Mad River

After spending his first season at Mad River as a shuttle driver, young Fitz knew he wanted something more... Now back for his second year, Fitz is beginning his first season as a professional river guide! Known as a killer cocktail wizard, Fitz loves a good time and has a strong appreciation for good food and good beer. He's been to 42 states and 11 countries, so we're hoping he sticks around Jackson Hole a little longer before going off on another adventure!

Ashlie Gilbert

Hometown: St George, UT

5 Years with Mad River

As a world traveler and coffee connoisseur, Ashlie has found her fit here in Jackson Hole! She loves to hike and raft so I'd say Ashlie is at the right place! Working as a sales agent here at Mad River in the summer months, she also works as a budget traveler in the off season giving her abundant experience and with that has had the opportunity to travel to 23 countries so far!

Will Harrop

Hometown: Walpole, MA

2 Years with Mad River

Not only do we have one Harrop here at Mad River... we have two! With Will's arrival on the guiding scene, it has been made clear that Delaney is HIS sister, he is not HER brother. Following in his sister's footsteps, Will has fallen in love with the west and is now one of our newest river guides. If you stick around during the winter months you may even see him reffing a Division 1 college hockey game!

Gio Marquez Napoles


4 Years with Mad River

Gio is basically a rare and majestic unicorn; she is ALWAYS happy. Her love for the outdoors has brought her to the right place and we are so glad to have her as a part of the staff. She may appear deceiving but don't underestimate Gio... she is also tri-langual and can speak fluent Spanish, English, and ASL!

Kelsey Clark

Hometown: Provo, UT

5 Years with Mad River

As a long time resident of Jackson Hole, Kelsey has been a dedicated member of the Mad River staff with 5 years of driving the bus under his belt. In his "other life" with a degree in Administration of Justice - Investigation, Kelsey saved the world as a police officer! He now spends his time helping out at his church and acts as an on call driver.

Heather Falk

Hometown: Arvada, Colorado

1 Year with Mad River

Although this is only Heather's first year at Mad River, she has already made her name known with her large repertoire of Irish toasts, blessings, and dirty jokes! Her great appreciation and love for the river has made her a great addition, and even though she'll tell you any trip on the river is special, the scenic section is her very favorite. Among her many qualities, Heather sure knows how to make some killer fudge!

Tamera Erekson

Hometown: Everett, WA

5 Years with Mad River

Tamera has been apart of the Mad River family for a looong time.She claims her only professional river experience was when Mark pushed her into the river off the raft, otherwise she's GREAT at persuading other people to go on a trip! She reads a lot. Like, a lot, a lot, and she hopes to be an author when she grows up.

McKenzee Peterson

Hometown: Star Valley, Wyoming

2 Years with Mad River

In between her studies for her Geology major at the University of Wyoming, Kenzee has spent the past two summers as one of our bus drivers here at Mad River! Don't ask if she's old enough or big enough to drive that big bus, she's heard it before, and the answer is yes!

Andrea Raymond

Hometown: Nibley, UT

1 Year with Mad River

After driving a school bus for 12 years, Andy decided it was time for a small change and is now one of our newest river bus drivers!

Where is Mad River?

Mad River Boat Trips is located in the beautiful Jackson Hole Valley in northwestern Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

The Snake River begins its journey in the rugged backcountry of Yellowstone National Park and gathers water as it heads south toward Jackson Hole through Grand Teton National Park. The river exits the south end of Jackson Hole through the winding Snake River Canyon, lined with trees and steep granite walls, small alpine meadows and abundant wildlife. It's on this section of the Snake that you'll experience some of the wildest whitewater in the Rocky Mountains.

Click here for a map

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